Meeting Notice


                                           Tripp County Water User District                                             1052 West 1st Street, Winner SD 

                                                     May Board Meeting

Monday – May 13, 2019

Chairman Covey – Call Meeting to Order @ 2:00 P.M.

Approve Agenda

                                                Conflict of Interest Disclosure

                                                 Approve Board Minutes

Treasurers Report

Manager’s Report 

Gary Fenenga – Financials

Lyle Schumack – Engineer’s Report

Tim Engel – Attorney Report

                              Adopt Procedure for Public Comment Periods

Old Business – None

New Business – AMKO Refinance USDA Loans; Approve Authorizing Resolution & Go to Bid on Bonds; Pickup Quotes; SDWARN 

Applications for Service  

Executive Session to consult legal counsel concerning legal & personnel matters

Report from Executive Session

Public Comment