About Us!

Office number: 605-842-2755

Vision Statement – “Improving the quality of life, one person at a time”

Mission Statement – “To provide a sustainable level of quality water and services to the patrons of Tripp County Water User District”


Tripp County Water User District (TCWUD), located in south central South Dakota, has 2,200 miles of pipeline stretching into five counties and serves 2,600 consumers.


Board of Directors

Craig Covey – President
Louis Kehn – Vice President
Roger Kingsbury – Treasurer
Steve Wonnenberg – Secretary
Bryan Jorgensen – Director
Robert Sperl Jr. – Director
Richard Rubel – Director
Verlyn Kuil – Director

Office Staff         

Manager – Lisa Stiehl

Operations Manager – Jason Orel

Office Manager – Sami Stickland

Billing Clerk – Connie Shippy 

Operators – 

Craig Brown

Bud Jacobsen

Chris Bartels

Trevor Herman

Office Hours 8:00 to 4:30 Monday thru Friday